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Re: Question on what to do with eggs./Andie & Mkay

Posted by Elizabeth on 5/16/06
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    I have a pair that I know will allow me to check their babies while
    they are in the nestbox with no problems....they generally have a
    clutch of 7 with all being fertile, so I do pull the oldest two once
    they are old enough to allow the next two to get the attention...then
    as they mature I take the next two. My parents know what is going on
    and they are fine with it. I would NOT do this with a pair that I
    don't know as some will kill their babies without question. This
    allows the last 3 to not be overrun by their bigger siblings which
    works for this I said, this is the only pair that I do
    this with bc I know they will let me with no ill effects....