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Re: Question on what to do with eggs

Posted by Andie on 5/16/06
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    We co-parented (I guess you could call it that) our lovebird's first
    clutch, and handfed the second clutch. The parents were not tame but
    were used to us interacting with them everyday as they were in our living
    room. I do think that made a difference with them letting us handle the
    babies so easily. We didn't handfeed the first clutch at all, only
    pulled them to socialize them then would put them back. The parents
    didn't mind at all and all babies turned out very tame. It produces a
    completely different bird when you handfeed. If I had a choice of the
    two as pets, I would go with the parent raised/socialized. That's just
    my personal opinion though. Good luck with your baby =).