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Re: Question on what to do with eggs

Posted by Andie on 5/17/06
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    On 5/16/06, Mickie wrote:
    > That's interesting, the parent raised /socialized babies turned out
    > better pets? I might want to go that route, I know my lovies wouldn't
    > mind my playing with the baby but I'm worried about taking full
    > responsability for the feeding and I may confuse them by co-parenting
    > because it's just one baby. I helped my traveling friend once when he had
    > to go on a business trip suddenly and his lovies had just hatched four
    > babies. I did the co-parenting thing but I did two babies at a time so the
    > parents always had two babies with them. In a few days I will have to make
    > a decission, maybe when the baby is around 15 days old. I will post again
    > when this happens.
    > Mickie

    I will try to compare it to a larger animal so maybe it will be easier to

    When horses have babies the parents teach them how to behave around other
    horses. They're taught what is too rough, what biting is, what kicking is,
    and so on. They learn this from their mothers and the other horses.

    This is just my opinion for smaller birds. I wouldn't try this with a larger
    species. I think it's similar for the birds. Our handfed babies had no
    manners. They bit a lot and it was up to us to teach them that that was
    wrong. The socialized babies never bit us more than just to taste our
    fingers. I would say that the handfed babies were a bit more outgoing, but
    both loved to be on and around us. When we socialized the babies we did it a
    couple of times a day, for increasing lengths of time as the babies grew more
    feathers. We hung them upside down, layed them on their backs, pulled their
    wings, played with their feet, did everything we could think of to them from
    early on. I will say that the handfed babies stay tame longer. If you don't
    play with the socialized ones regularly they will start to debond (can't
    think of another word for it). That wasn't an issue for us though as we knew
    they would get played with every day. Right now we have some of the handfed
    ones and socialized ones in our aviary, where they don't get hands on
    attention everyday, and the handfed ones are more tame over the 6 months
    they've been in there. If I catch one of the socialized ones they still
    won't bite me, they just don't want to be held. The handfed ones bite but
    want to be held. It's a mess! Well, time for bed. Have fun with your baby
    and start handling it now! Here's a pic from the first clutch.