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Re: Question on what to do with eggs

Posted by Andie on 6/02/06
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    On 5/21/06, Mickie wrote: >
    > Your babies are beautiful,the difference in size is huge, what's the age
    > difference? My baby lovie is 21 days old today, his name is Trooper, he's 35
    > grams, looks huge and his feathers are very dark. I finally made up my mind to
    > handfeed him with help from the parents.
    > I was very nervous, so the first day which was Friday I only fed him once and
    > let the parents handle the rest of the feedings. Yesterday and today I did two
    > feedings, noon and evening. The parents are so good they actually let me put
    > my hands in the nest and take him out. The baby lifts his neck all the way up
    > when he hears my voice. I'm so in love with this baby. More later.
    > Mickie

    I don't remember how old the oldest and youngest were, but the age difference
    between the first two is two days, then four days to the next one, and two days
    between the last two. The middle egg didn't hatch.

    How is your baby doing? How is the co-parenting going? I haven't talked to
    anyone else that's done this so I'm anxious to find out =D.