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Re: Question on what to do with eggs

Posted by Andrea F. Fahy on 7/01/07
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    This is just the sort of thing I am looking for! A comparison of parent raised vs. hand raised.
    Would you at all be interested in joining my forum and sharing your experiences with us there? I
    would be SOOO very appreciative of that!

    Hope to see you there,

    Andrea F. Fahy
    Avian Trainer & Behaviorist

    On 5/16/06, Andie wrote:
    > We co-parented (I guess you could call it that) our lovebird's first
    > clutch, and handfed the second clutch. The parents were not tame but
    > were used to us interacting with them everyday as they were in our living
    > room. I do think that made a difference with them letting us handle the
    > babies so easily. We didn't handfeed the first clutch at all, only
    > pulled them to socialize them then would put them back. The parents
    > didn't mind at all and all babies turned out very tame. It produces a
    > completely different bird when you handfeed. If I had a choice of the
    > two as pets, I would go with the parent raised/socialized. That's just
    > my personal opinion though. Good luck with your baby =).
    > Andie

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