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Re: lovebird laying too many eggs

Posted by Sensei1996 on 5/16/06
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    On 5/16/06, phil/wild wrote:
    > On 5/16/06, Phil/wild wrote:
    >> On 5/16/06, Sensei1996 wrote:
    >>> i have a lovebird that is 2 yrs old and she has just
    >>> started laying eggs. i don't know what brought this on but
    >>> for the past four months she's been laying 2 eggs at a
    >>> time and every 3 weeks. my question is because she is so
    >>> worn out afterward is there anything i can do to slow down
    >>> her egg developement? i'd appreciate any help you can offer
    >>> thanx!
    >> Hi. Are you taking the eggs after they are laid?
    >> Even though there not fertile if you take them to quickly you
    > will cause her to lay again. Try leaving them for a week.
    >> best Regards Phil

    Yes - I take them right out of the cage. I will leave them in
    the cage and see what happens. Thanks for your help!