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Re: lovebird laying too many eggs

Posted by kim on 5/16/06
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    dont leave them for a week, just leave them until she tires of
    them, whether it is 3 weeks or 3 months. she will eventually
    abandon or dispose of them herself. she may sit on them for
    several months. i had a lovebird that lost its mate she layed a
    clutch of infertile eggs directly after and sat on them for 4
    As soon as you take them, wether it is a week 2 weeks whatever...
    she will just lay more to replace them and if she continues like
    that she will become calcium deficient, which will eventually kill
    her. in addition, many other health problems will arise from
    laying to many eggs, one of which could be a proplapsed womb. (the
    womb falls to the outside of the body)