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Re: lovebird is losing feathers,

Posted by Katy on 10/30/06
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    My female lovebird is plucking it's own feathers out and tends
    to be itching more. Could she have a disease? I heard they
    pluck there feathers when they get bored or it is psychological,
    however it is getting to a point where she has plucked out all
    her tail feathers and I'm worried. Any advice? This all has
    happened within the last week. Very quick. THanks!

    On 5/21/06, KarenH wrote:
    > A bird moults their feathers. It's completely normal unless
    > there are bald places on the bird, then it's not. The yellow
    > feathers are because the bird is a pied. Can you post a pic of
    > your bird?
    > karen
    > On 5/17/06, lisa wrote:
    >> my female lovebird is shedding feathers,my brother said
    >> that its normal.shes got yellow feathers,she was all
    >> green.she still is green just got a couple of spots of
    >> yellow.on her back,and lightly on her belly.please
    >> help.lisa