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Re: color mutation

Posted by mary on 5/25/06
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    thanks Andie,
    I kind of thought they would be considered slates but wasn't
    sure....this genetics stuff is HARD!!!! I'm new to Lovebird
    breeding and all the different color combinations is
    staggering to the imagination! Both of the parents are blue
    violets but the male definitely has more grey coloring on the
    wings then the hen. thanks again! This is a great site for

    On 5/25/06, Andie wrote:
    > It sounds like you have slate babies. That would mean that
    > they have 2 dark factors. If neither of the parents is a
    > slate then each parent must have 1 dark factor.
    > Ok, now for the genetics of dark factors. Some of the
    > would inherit one from one parent and none from another
    > (giving them 1), and some would inherit one from one parent
    > and one from another (giving them 2). The same thing is
    > possible with the violet factor. It depends on if the
    > parents have 1, 2, 3, or 4 factors between them as to what
    > the offspring will inherit. Each bird can carry up to two
    > dark and/or violet factors. An easy way to figure out what
    > percentage of the babies will inherit the factors is this.
    > Let's say your mama has 1 dark factor and the daddy has 2.
    > Add them together that makes 3. So 3/4 of the babies will
    > have 2 dark factors. This addition only works if each
    > has a dark factor though, because the babies only have a
    > chance of inheriting 1 dark factor from each parent. You
    > how it worked in your case. Each parent has 1 dark factor,
    > which makes 2, so 1/2 of your babies have 2 dark factors and
    > 1/2 have 1.
    > Genetics is confusing. I hope I made it at least a little
    > bit easier to understand.
    > Andie
    > On 5/24/06, Mary wrote:
    >> I have three baby lovebirds out of a pair of WF blue
    >> violets and was told that they only throw blue violet
    >> babies.....I now have three of six babies that are a deep
    >> grey/charcoal color with no sign of blue....what color are
    >> these babies considered and what is the deal with the
    >> pair? Thanks for any help!!!!
    >> Mary