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Re: color mutation

Posted by Andie on 5/25/06
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    Actually the grey color on the wings has nothing to do with dark
    factors. If one of your birds has brown or grey flight feathers
    that means it's a cinnamon mutation. The dark factors do tend to
    make the body feathers different shades, but the most noticable
    place is the rump color. A bird with no dark factors has a light
    blue rump, single dark factor has a cobalt rump, and double dark
    factor has a grey rump. The violet factors will also play a part
    in the coloration of the bird and rump, but the dark factors will
    be more noticable in the rump. You can do a search and look at
    pictures of different mutations.


    On 5/25/06, mary wrote:
    > thanks Andie,
    > I kind of thought they would be considered slates but wasn't
    > sure....this genetics stuff is HARD!!!! I'm new to Lovebird
    > breeding and all the different color combinations is
    > staggering to the imagination! Both of the parents are blue
    > violets but the male definitely has more grey coloring on the
    > wings then the hen. thanks again! This is a great site for
    > information!!!
    > Mary