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Re: Baby Trooper/ Andie

Posted by Mickie on 6/04/06
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    On 6/02/06, Andie wrote:
    > Sorry I missed this thread before I posted the other one =D.
    > I wish I could help you in detail. We kept daily records
    > when we handfed our lovies because there wasn't anything on
    > the web as far as growth charts and all. All my paperwork
    > from that is in storage because we lost our house in Katrina
    > =(.
    > It sounds as though he's on schedule from what I can
    > as far as weight gain goes. I would call and ask a vet to
    > make sure. His crop should empty completely between
    > feedings. If you are feeding him a lot I would skip a
    > feeding and go back and see if they fed him or not. If
    > you're on a schedule feeding him they might be too. I
    > co-feed so I'm not sure how shedule bound they are as far as
    > that's concerned. Make sure you have soft foods available
    > for them to feed him. Don't feed anything that's hard for a
    > baby to break down like leafy greens. They can sit in the
    > crop for longer than they need to.
    > He should be starting to explore food on his own now. This
    > could be another reason the parents aren't feeding him as
    > much. This is an excerpt from one of the handfeeding
    > resources I have.
    > Here's a sample menu for 4-week-old lovebirds:
    > Monday: Cheerios, sunflower sprouts, pea shoots, millet
    > Tuesday: Seed mix, Roudybush pellets, cooked corn niblets
    > carrots (chopped to bite size)
    > Wednesday: Wheatgrass, millet, Exact pellets
    > Thursday: Cooked quinoa or brown rice with sprouted beans
    > seeds, Cheerios, pellets
    > Friday: Cooked sweet potato (mashed) with corn niblets mixed
    > in, seed mix, sunflower sprouts
    > You get the picture. This way, food is not something strange
    > and scary-it's something to peak their curiousity.
    > The time frame will be a little different because the baby
    > with parents, but he should start to venture out of the nest
    > and try some foods on his own.
    > I wish I had my paperwork to help you more, but I hope this
    > does. I would work on letting him perch when you handle
    > him. As soon as he can balance himself start working on
    > How is his tameness?
    > Andie
    > Hi Andie,
    Again thank you for all your great info. Love your yellow
    baby. Trooper is almost a month old, weights 41 grams. Co-
    parenting is going great, I do one morning feeding around 11
    am and keep the baby out with me in a separate room for a
    couple hours, his crib is a high walled plastic box. I put
    small dishes with crushed pellets, seeds, mashed jams or some
    other soft food or millet. So far he likes to pick at the
    millet and pellets and he is starting to perched on a low
    stick on the bottom of the box. He loves my voice when I talk
    to him and loves to be picked up, has a very sweet personality
    and is very tame ( takes after his father). Then I put him
    back in the nest and the parents take over until around 4: pm,
    if his crop is empty I feed him again.
    play with him and let him explore his box. Sometimes I do it
    again at 9:pm.

    He's starting to leave the nest on his own and the parents
    don't like it. So eventually I'm going to pull him out
    completely. Right now I feel bad for the parents because
    everytime I take him out the parents go nuts. Yet at times
    when he starts begging the parents start flapping their wings
    and screaming as if telling me "it's your turn" lol.


    > On 5/31/06, Mickie wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone,
    >> My baby lovie, Trooper is 25 five days old. I have been co-
    >> parenting and feed him three times a day. I was going to
    >> let him stay with the parents but everytime I check on him
    >> I notice his crop is empty, so I don't know if the parents
    >> are feeding him enough, he seems healthy and weighs 54
    >> grams. I want to pull him out today but need to know, how
    >> many times should he be fed at this age. Thank you all.
    >> Mickie