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Re: question about my new baby love bird/ oh yeah

Posted by adrian on 6/02/06
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    On 6/02/06, adrian wrote:
    > I just bought a baby love bird. I got her(?) at a feed
    > store/pet shop. Naturaly the owner didnt know much about
    > the bird except that it was less than a yr old. Her color
    > mutation is one Ive never seen before. Im no expert on
    > love birds but my friend was with me and she knows alot
    > about them. She said the mutation was a common one. My
    > question is can anyone tell me where i can find pictures
    > and info about Peach Face Love Bird with these color
    > markings; lime green body, pink face and a light blue
    > rump. Thank you very much in advance any input would be
    > greatly appreciated.
    Oh yeah i forgot to mention my friend says that this mutation
    is called a "limeie" (because of the lime green color) or
    something like that but i couldnt find that anywhere. I will
    try and get some pictures as soon as possible.