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Re: question about my new baby love bird/ oh yeah

Posted by Andie on 6/02/06
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    I'm not sure what kind of bird your friend is talking about,
    but there is no such mutation as "limey" in lovebirds, unless
    the bird is british =D. It's always hard to say without seeing
    the bird. If you have pictures that would help. But, from
    what you're describing your bird should be either an American
    Cinnamon or an Australian Cinnamon. The difference lies in the
    degree of lime color. I have pictures of both I will post for
    you for comparison. They call them cinnamons because of the
    grey/brown flight feathers.

    The darker green one on the right is an American Cinnamon. The
    picture makes her look a little bit darker than she really is,
    but she is a dark lime green color with dark cinnamon colored

    On 6/02/06, adrian wrote:
    > On 6/02/06, adrian wrote:
    >> I just bought a baby love bird. I got her(?) at a feed
    >> store/pet shop. Naturaly the owner didnt know much about
    >> the bird except that it was less than a yr old. Her color
    >> mutation is one Ive never seen before. Im no expert on
    >> love birds but my friend was with me and she knows alot
    >> about them. She said the mutation was a common one. My
    >> question is can anyone tell me where i can find pictures
    >> and info about Peach Face Love Bird with these color
    >> markings; lime green body, pink face and a light blue
    >> rump. Thank you very much in advance any input would be
    >> greatly appreciated.
    > Oh yeah i forgot to mention my friend says that this mutation
    > is called a "limeie" (because of the lime green color) or
    > something like that but i couldnt find that anywhere. I will
    > try and get some pictures as soon as possible.