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Re: question about my new baby love bird

Posted by Adrian on 6/02/06
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    On 6/02/06, Andie wrote:
    > This is an Australian Cinnamon baby. The colors will richen
    > after the first molt, but you can see the difference in
    > coloration between that and the American. This is just a rump
    > shot with a bad webcam, but you can see the coloration and the
    > color on the rump. This baby has a single dark factor (lovebird
    > colorations are confusing), which means the rump is a dark
    > If your baby has no dark factors the rump will be a light blue
    > like the bird in the first picture.
    > I hope this helps!
    i found a picture of what looks like my bird. the web site is
    calling her a heavy pied peach face. This is what i thought she
    was to begin with but my friend said it was not and instead it was
    a different sub species which she thought was called "limie" or
    something like that. I dont knoe how to post pictures on hereor i
    would post the pic i found