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Re: Green Australian Cinnamon? still a little confused

Posted by adrain on 6/03/06
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    On 6/03/06, Andie wrote:
    > On 6/03/06, Adrian wrote:
    >> Now i found this web site that says my bird is a green
    >> australian cinnamon. This little gal has a lime green
    >> body and blue rump and a pink face just like mine but
    >> then again so does the other little guy. so which is it a
    >> G.A.C. or a heavy pied peach face? so many different
    >> varieties how is one to know what sort of love bird they
    >> have with any accuracy?
    > Pieds are splotchy in color...they will have green and
    > or blue and yellow bodies. That's what pied means. The
    > other birds bodies are a solid color. Did you look at my
    > pictures?
    > Andie
    No I never saw your pix. And I knew that pied means splotchy
    in color but one of the web sites I found has a solid colored
    bird titled heavy pied. Then I found, I think 3 other names
    for birds that look exactly like mine. Some of the names
    are (green American cinnamon, green Australian cinnamon,
    some kind of fallow, green opaline and the "heavy" pied) some
    of these birds look very similar and a few, to me, look
    exactly alike. I wonder if you can get similar color marking
    from 2 completely different breeds and this is why
    some "heavy" pied look like Green Australian cinnamon or maybe
    some people donít have a clue as to what they have such as
    myself. I donít know, but im just the sort of person that
    cant just sit by and not say exactly what breed of bird I have
    with a degree of certainty