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Re: Green Australian Cinnamon? still a little confused

Posted by Adrian on 6/04/06
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    On 6/04/06, Andie wrote:
    > .html
    > .html
    > Those are my replies to your other post. Both replies have
    > pictures, one is at the bottom of the page so you'll have to
    > scroll down.
    > A bird can be a pied even if it only has one feather of a
    > different color. A heavily pied green bird would be almost
    > completely yellow with possibly only 1 green feather, so you
    > can't really go off the picture for that because you might not
    > able to see that one feather.
    > Opaline means that instead of the bird having a red face it's
    > entire head is red. If you'll go back and read my replies and
    > look at the pictures you'll be able to see the difference
    > an American Cinnamon and an Australian Cinnamon.
    What your telling me about what the word opaline means does not
    match with this picture