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Re: Green Australian Cinnamon? still a little confused

Posted by Andie on 6/05/06
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    On 6/04/06, Adrian wrote:
    > What your telling me about what the word opaline means does not
    > match with this picture
    > 20Weaned_CR.jpg

    This is from that link....
    "The green opaline has a full red head almost like a hood and a red-
    orange tail"

    The opalines have other characteristics, like it mentions in that
    link, but the full red head is the most noticable and easily
    identifiable. If the bird has the orangeface gene it will have an
    orange head instead of a mask. If the bird has the whiteface gene it
    will have a white head instead of a mask. Lovebird genetics are one
    of the most complicated and hard to understand. Hope that helps.