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Re: Babies LoveBirds

Posted by Andie on 6/04/06
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    On 6/04/06, Caroline wrote:
    > Hi my question is that my LoveBird have 5 babies which they
    > just hatch this week and I was wondering how old are they
    > supposed to be when they are good and ready to sell, so if
    > anyone can just e-mail me and let me know I would appeciate
    > it very much.
    > Caroline

    Please do some research!!! Look up breeding lovebirds on
    yahoo or something like that. Birds are not "ready to sell"
    at any certain age. They have to be eating completely on
    their own with no help from mom and dad. Every bird weans at
    a different age. I hope you do some research so these babies
    will grow up healthy and happy.