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Re: teach your lovebird to talk in 15 days

Posted by zoomom on 6/13/06
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    On 6/11/06, Kim Green wrote:
    > Hi,
    > A friend of mine used one similar type of video. She saw
    > results after 3 months. But the birds did not talk. Just
    > made sounds that sounded like "hi" and "good bye". It is
    > hard to believe that they can realy talk. Good luck!
    > Kim

    Lovebirds can talk, but many don't, and there's no video,
    tape, or system that can guarantee results nomatter what they
    promise. One of our lovebirds does talk. He says "hi,
    come'ere, sweetie, and lovey" My kids and I just talked to him
    every day, with lots of repetition. You can find free
    information all over the web that suggest repetition is the
    key. Try to use the same tone and rhythm of speech every