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Re: teach your lovebird to talk in 15 days

Posted by Adrian on 6/16/06
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    On 6/13/06, zoomom wrote:
    > On 6/11/06, Kim Green wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> A friend of mine used one similar type of video. She saw
    >> results after 3 months. But the birds did not talk. Just
    >> made sounds that sounded like "hi" and "good bye". It is
    >> hard to believe that they can realy talk. Good luck!
    >> Kim
    > Lovebirds can talk, but many don't, and there's no video,
    > tape, or system that can guarantee results nomatter what they
    > promise. One of our lovebirds does talk. He says "hi,
    > come'ere, sweetie, and lovey" My kids and I just talked to him
    > every day, with lots of repetition. You can find free
    > information all over the web that suggest repetition is the
    > key. Try to use the same tone and rhythm of speech every
    > time.
    yeah i kinda figured that was going to be the respoce i got in
    here. It only makes sence. But i guess i was hoping for a long
    shot that someone might say "oh yes i used the video and it
    worked miricals" But i guess that would have been impractical.
    Thanks for your posts