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Re: Blood feathers

Posted by mark on 6/18/06
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    Hi Debbie Dont play with those blood feathers.A quill
    will grow out and its filled with blood ,as the time goes by
    it will turn into a feather.If a blood feather is broken
    open the quill will have to be pulled out or the bird could
    bleed alot. mark

    On 6/17/06, Debbie wrote:
    > Can anyone explain blood feathers to me? My lovebird is
    > almost a year old female and on the bottom of her tail
    > underside where she has like down feathers there are
    > feathers and it looks like there is blood in them. does
    > this go away? It doesn't come on my fingers when i touch
    > there or on anything in her cage. Are these what they call
    > bood feathers?
    > Thank you for any help.