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Re: Another mutation question... different pic

Posted by Jessica on 6/18/06
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    Hello, Evelyn!

    The reason you are seeing this white band on the front of
    these birds' faces is because they are not pure masked
    lovebirds. It looks like they have at least some (if not
    more than 50%) fischer blood in them. Pure blue masked
    lovebirds should have a completely BLACK face -- no white or
    grey. Pure blue fischer lovebirds have a completely WHITE
    face -- no black or grey, although the back of the head is
    an ash grey color. When the two species are mixed, you get
    some characteristics of each species. This is what your
    birds look like.

    On 6/18/06, Evelyn wrote:
    > Sorry this one is a little blury. The bird is a little
    > older and the frontal band wider.