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Re: Another mutation question... different pic

Posted by Evelyn on 6/19/06
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    On 6/18/06, Jessica wrote:
    > Hello, Evelyn!
    > The reason you are seeing this white band on the front of
    > these birds' faces is because they are not pure masked
    > lovebirds. It looks like they have at least some (if not
    > more than 50&37;) fischer blood in them. Pure blue masked
    > lovebirds should have a completely BLACK face -- no white or
    > grey. Pure blue fischer lovebirds have a completely WHITE
    > face -- no black or grey, although the back of the head is
    > an ash grey color. When the two species are mixed, you get
    > some characteristics of each species. This is what your
    > birds look like.
    Thanks Jessica... Here is a pic of the babie's parents.
    Neither of them have the frontal band. Could there be another