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Post: Is this true?

Posted by Aly on 7/10/06

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    I keep hearing this about my beloved baby lovebird and
    I'm not sure if these bird people are telling the truth or
    have just heard it as a rumor. I've got a lovely little
    green-violet baby, handfed and very nice. But, a lot of
    people keep acting surprised that he's still so nice. (not
    sure if "he" really is a he, just guessing). Everyone says
    as my baby gets older, regardless make or female that he
    will get aggressive and nippy. He'll get dominant and
    demanding and I'll no longer be able to hold him without
    bleeding everytime. Is this true? I couldn't think all
    lovebirds do this but I was just curious as to what our
    future holds.
    THANKS in advance

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