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Post: Is this true?

Posted by Aly on 7/11/06

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    Thanks, I won't be afraid if he does nip me, right now I
    have a low "eheheh" noise I make to let him know I dislike
    what he's doing and he really seems to understand. When he
    came he didn't know up-up but in less than a day he learned
    it and immediatelty hops on. He does love sitting on my
    head but I always get him off immediately and after usually
    3-4 attempts to do it again he gives up. Am I doing all
    this right? Thus far he knows his boundaries and after
    some re-attempts he gives up. Basically, when he is
    in his cage I put my finger to his lower chest and tell him
    up-up, if he doesn't want to come out he doesn't and I
    won't force him, he usually only says no if it is later in
    teh day and he is tired. He never says no in the morning
    or afternoon. Any tips on how to let him understand if I
    am displeased with him for doing something? Also, if and
    eventually when he does nip or perhaps bite how do I react?
    I know not to make a big deal out of it and scream or make
    a rucess b/c he might be anmused by it. Do I do my
    normal "eheheheh" noise and calmy say "no". I don't want
    to put him away since he might begin to think if he wants
    to go back into his cage then he'll bite me and voila, free
    ticket back home.


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