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Re: Is this true?

Posted by Jessica on 7/12/06
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    It sounds as though you are doing great with your lovebird
    right now! Yes, they are stubborn and will try a few
    attempts at something before they give up and accept the
    fact that you don't want them to do it. They sure do have
    minds of their own!

    Since your lovebird is already familiar with your "eheheh"
    noise, I would definitely stick with that when you are not
    pleased about something he is doing. Time-outs work wonders
    for lovebirds, too, because they almost always want to be
    out of their cage and with their owners. I can understand
    your hesitancy of putting your lovebird back in his cage for
    a time out. It is recommended that you find a small, wire
    cage for this purpose. It doesn't have to be big or fancy,
    so it shouldn't be expensive. A single perch is the only
    thing you need in the cage. This can be the "time out"
    cage. Time outs are short -- only about five minutes -- so
    you don't need any food or water in the cage. This is a
    more severe punishment, so you should only use it when your
    bird does something that you definitely do NOT want (like
    biting). Immediately place the bird in the cage,
    saying "eheheh," and walk away. Do not look at or talk to
    your lovebird for the time-out period.

    If your lovebird does nip or bite sometime, you're right --
    don't overly react with a loud noise or sudden movement.
    Immediately go to your usual form of punishment. If that
    doesn't work the first time, then subsequent nips/bites
    warrant a trip straight to the time out cage. While you may
    give your lovebird a few attempts at jumping to your head (a
    relatively harmless offense, but still something you don't
    want), you will want to make it clear that nipping is NOT
    acceptable and that you won't have any tolerance for it.
    That usually hits home quickly to a pet lovebird.

    On 7/11/06, Aly wrote:
    > Thanks, I won't be afraid if he does nip me, right now I
    > have a low "eheheh" noise I make to let him know I dislike
    > what he's doing and he really seems to understand. When
    > came he didn't know up-up but in less than a day he
    > it and immediatelty hops on. He does love sitting on my
    > head but I always get him off immediately and after
    > 3-4 attempts to do it again he gives up. Am I doing all
    > this right? Thus far he knows his boundaries and after
    > some re-attempts he gives up. Basically, when he is
    > in his cage I put my finger to his lower chest and tell
    > up-up, if he doesn't want to come out he doesn't and I
    > won't force him, he usually only says no if it is later in
    > teh day and he is tired. He never says no in the morning
    > or afternoon. Any tips on how to let him understand if I
    > am displeased with him for doing something? Also, if and
    > eventually when he does nip or perhaps bite how do I
    > I know not to make a big deal out of it and scream or make
    > a rucess b/c he might be anmused by it. Do I do my
    > normal "eheheheh" noise and calmy say "no". I don't want
    > to put him away since he might begin to think if he wants
    > to go back into his cage then he'll bite me and voila,
    > ticket back home.