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Re: HELP!! Blue Masked Lovebirds

Posted by Jessica on 7/13/06
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    Go ahead and take a peek! Lovebirds are not noted for
    abandoning chicks if you look inside the nestbox. My habit
    here in my own aviary is to tap gently three times on the
    nestbox lid, then slowly open it. Most of my females will
    get out of the nestbox if the lid is opened. Now, they are
    learning that the three taps means that I'm coming, and many
    of them will get out of the nestbox for me before the lid is

    Check the babies quickly and then close the lid of the box.
    The female will go back in and sit on the babies when you are
    done. If she doesn't go back in right away, don't worry.
    Just walk away from the cage and give her privacy. If you
    look back in five minutes, you'll see that she's back in with
    her babies.

    On 7/12/06, Lorena wrote:
    > My Birds just had babies..... they have already had 2
    > babies but I was not the owner when they did.
    > If I look to see if they are ok, will they leave the
    > babies? I am afraid to look if they wikl toss them or not
    > feed them anymore!! I AM DYING TO SEE THEM!!