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Re: Jessica

Posted by Jessica on 7/13/06
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    You're welcome Aly! Lovebirds are my favorite parrot species
    (and I do have others, including greencheek conures, a sun
    conure, red-belly parrots, and senegals). My bird was a pair
    of lovebirds, and I've been fascinated by them ever since.

    You may want to consider joining the ALBS (African Lovebird
    Society). Their website is very helpful (do not need to join
    to use it), and the quarterly journal has good information
    that is all lovebird specific. There is also a pet contest
    that occurs from September - December of each year. Keep an
    eye on the website for more details about that one! You do
    not need to be a member to enter the contest, either. Last
    year was the first one, and this year proves to be even
    bigger with better prizes, too.

    The following is a link to the ALBS website. It is to the
    main webpage. At the top of the menu bar to the left, you'll
    find a section for pets. You may enjoy browsing this and you
    may find other helpful info there.

    On 7/12/06, Aly wrote:
    > It's nice people like you that make chatboards worthwhile.
    > I cannot thank you enough for the information on my little
    > guy. I am so greatful for the help you gave me and I look
    > forward to seeing him grow up.
    > THANK you from the bottom our our heart!

    ALBS Website

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