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Re: Lovebird pet aggression

Posted by Mickie on 7/12/06
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    On 7/12/06, Aly wrote:
    > He and again only guessing cause he acts/looks like a boy
    > . Anyway, he just turned
    > wks and he doesn't really nip at all. I have been playing
    > and massaging his cheeks which he loves. He'll turn his
    > head to get places he wants rubbed like his check or the
    > back of his neck. I put him on his back in my hand and
    > his tummy and he seems to enjoy it. He allows you to open
    > his wings (practice for when they need cutting again). He
    > really is doing very well thus far. I could not be
    > happier, he enjoys showers and he was actually upset this
    > morning b/c he didn't get one this morning (he needs to
    > learn not ALL the time he will get s shower, just in case
    > don't have time one day or something else, I don't want to
    > make anything a routine that would upset him if I miss a
    > day, better doing it all now so he won't be upset later.
    > My only other issue is he is like glue to me. I bring his
    > cage out into the living room when we get home from work
    > which is anywhere from 3ish to 6 at the latest (and he is
    > very patient during the day to wait (his cage is very
    > entertaining). Anyway, he is clipped and done so properly
    > by his breeder. BUT, he still can fly quite a distance
    > before losing any height. I mean he'll fly 6-8 ft from his
    > cage to me on the couch. And he isn't content to just
    > on the cage or playtop, he wants to be with me. How can I
    > break this habit? I continue to put him on the playtop
    > show him food and toys but 5-10min. and he chirks, dances
    > and comes flying back to me. After 3-4 put backs I put
    > into his cage where he waits happily without noise or
    > fuss. But if the door is opened later he's like glue
    > again. So I continue to do this and over and over we go.
    > Am I doing this right? Should I just be as stubborn and
    > continue? I don't mind doing this I just want to be sure
    > am doing it right. I am going to go get a small time out
    > cage this weekend for him so I can replace the cage for
    > his "time-out". What are your opinions to keep him on his
    > cage for a bit while I work etc.
    > THANKS for all the help, again, I really appreciate it.

    It seems you are doing the same thing I'm doing, giving him
    a lot of love and attenttion. My baby "Trooper" is really
    bonded to me, glued like you said. I kind of like it because
    she's starting to nip and I think my touching her and
    playing with her is what's going to keep her from getting
    bitey. She playbites a lot,not intentional. She loves to be
    kissed on her belly and her head rubbed. I haven't started
    any discipline about biting yet because she's not really
    bad,but I use her small carrier cage as a time out place to
    rest when I'm busy and don't want to put her back in her
    regular cage. I have put a "happy hut" in there and she
    loves to go in and rest. She also sleeps in there at night
    and I bring her into my bedroom. When she's in her regular
    cage she gets busy with one of her toys, a long chain
    hanging from the top with a hoop at the other end, she loves
    to swing from it. I also got her a chewing toy, similar to a
    dog's hide chewing toy but this one is for birds. She can
    chew on it for hours.

    I think the one on one playing and touching is what keeps
    them tame so I wouldn't change any of that. I think we need
    to be persistent with whatever training we start, so they
    get used to it and eventually they get the message.
    I'm sure some of the good people here will offer more
    sugestions. You're doing fine.