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Post: New addition (can't have just one)

Posted by Aly on 8/09/06

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    Greetings all,
    I did all the e-mails about my little birdie fearing he
    would one day become aggressive. Well, he is fab-u-lous,
    very pushy when he wants his way but so is a 3 year old.
    He is good, he mouths not bits and never gets away with
    it. I just put him back where he was or put him where I
    want him. Now, yesturday we went to a breeders house and
    I saw a lovely creamino or white lovie and fell in love.
    We are leaving in a hour to go get him.

    Onto my question. Those of you whom have several lovies;
    during playtime do or could they get along? They will have
    seperate cages but when I play I would like them to play on
    the same stand etc. Is this possible? He just turned 13
    weeks and the new baby is only 8 or 9 wks old.

    What are your thoughts. Obviously every lovie is differnt
    and mine may hate eachother, OR preferably they will enjoy
    one anothers company.

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