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Re: New addition (can't have just one)

Posted by Sonoma on 8/09/06
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    On 8/09/06, Aly wrote:
    > Onto my question. Those of you whom have several lovies;
    > during playtime do or could they get along? They will
    > seperate cages but when I play I would like them to play
    > the same stand etc. Is this possible? He just turned 13
    > weeks and the new baby is only 8 or 9 wks old.

    I have never had but two Lovebirds at a time but I have to
    tell you this story that illustrates how they really want to
    be together....

    I bought one love bird that was all alone in the cage at a
    pet store and he was okay for a few days, but I knew he'd
    want a pal, so I searched all over the city to find one just
    like him/her.

    I brought the new one home in one of those little cardboard
    boxes they give you and let the one already there out into
    the room. The original just perched up on a high place and
    watched me with the box as I opened it.

    When they spotted each other, the original took off across
    the room and the new one jumped out of the box and met him
    in flight halfway across the room. They landed side by side
    and never spent more than a few seconds separated by more
    than a few inches for the rest of their stay with me.

    With more than two I couldn't say but I advise to always
    have a even number so one doesn't become odd man out.