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Re: New addition (can't have just one)

Posted by Andie on 8/31/06
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    > On 8/09/06, Aly wrote:
    >> Onto my question. Those of you whom have several lovies;
    >> during playtime do or could they get along? They will
    > have
    >> seperate cages but when I play I would like them to play
    > on
    >> the same stand etc. Is this possible? He just turned 13
    >> weeks and the new baby is only 8 or 9 wks old.

    We have many lovebirds, but 2 that are pets. They have
    separate cages side by side and supervised play time. They
    LOVE each other. They would be in the same cages if they could
    but then they would bond to each other and not be tame. If you
    start out with them young like that they should be fine. Just
    make sure you spend one on one time with each bird. Lovebirds
    are very active so make sure each has a large cage with plenty
    of toys. As you said, each one is different, so there's a
    chance they won't like each other, but more than likely they
    will enjoy playing with each other on the playstand.

    Good Luck,