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Re: Color

Posted by Andie on 8/31/06
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    On 8/09/06, Aly wrote:
    > Greetings,
    > Well the new addition is very sweet, still nervous and
    > adjusting to her environment. She's happily sitting in her
    > cage relazing and getting to know her surrondings.
    > My question: What color is she? My origonal thoughts
    > was a white but now maybe creamino. Her entire body is a
    > creamie pale yellow with a white face. Not sure what color
    > she is, no band on the top of her head, tail or nothin.
    > Just pale pale yellow and a whiteish face. Any help would
    > be greatly appreciated.

    If she is young the band on her forhead won't come in until
    she molts. She sounds like a creamino. When she molts her
    band should come in a light peach color and her rump will
    have a slight blue shimmer to it. It will still look cream
    in certain lights though.


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