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Re: I need help! My bird is too loud at night!

Posted by Aly on 8/12/06
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    Greetings Liz and welcome to the board,
    Did you stop your evening playtime when you switched
    hours? Did he get his evening playtime cut off or do you
    still play with him in the evening when you get home at 11pm?
    Your best bet, wean him down to fewer hours. He is
    chirping and carrying on because he is calling to you. He
    knows your home and he wants to be with you. Try playing
    with him for 30 minutes. SLOWLY over a course of a few weeks
    reduce the amount of time you spend with him. Wean him off
    of his evening playtimes slowly. Hope this helps. It won't
    be a quick fix. Be patient and try giving him something he
    likes to eat etc. to keep him occupied. Also is the room
    dark when you cover his cage or is their a lamp on? If the
    room is dark he should not squeak or say anything since
    a "predator" would find him. So instinctly he should be