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Re: I need help! My bird is too loud at night!

Posted by Liz on 8/12/06
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    Thank you so much.
    I went to the pet store today and ran into a lady who also has
    a lovebird.
    She told me almost the identical thing.
    It makes sense now that I hear it.
    I was trying to give him his "evening time" in the morning and
    I think he must just see that as a bonus, not a replacement!
    I will hang out with him when I get home from work and wean
    him slowly like you said.
    Again, thanks a lot.... I appreciate the advice.

    On 8/12/06, Aly wrote:
    > Greetings Liz and welcome to the board,
    > Did you stop your evening playtime when you switched
    > hours? Did he get his evening playtime cut off or do you
    > still play with him in the evening when you get home at 11pm?
    > Your best bet, wean him down to fewer hours. He is
    > chirping and carrying on because he is calling to you. He
    > knows your home and he wants to be with you. Try playing
    > with him for 30 minutes. SLOWLY over a course of a few
    > reduce the amount of time you spend with him. Wean him off
    > of his evening playtimes slowly. Hope this helps. It won't
    > be a quick fix. Be patient and try giving him something he
    > likes to eat etc. to keep him occupied. Also is the room
    > dark when you cover his cage or is their a lamp on? If the
    > room is dark he should not squeak or say anything since
    > a "predator" would find him. So instinctly he should be
    > quiet.