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Re: we've been asdopted by a bitey bird

Posted by Jane on 9/05/06
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    My lovie Loki bites like that too- some of them just don't
    like to be touched, so I respect that. She likes to hang out
    with me, ride around on me, talk with me.... but hates
    fingers and being touched. OK, so I just don't touch her.
    But she has learned over time the command "don't bite, no
    biting!" just firm, not angry, and she doesn't bite hard
    like she used to. As far as "getting to the petting stage"
    you might just have a bird who simply doesn't like to be
    touched, like mine. But they still can be delightful,
    entertaining companions, and yours is very special, since he
    picked you! Try imitating his calls- me and Loki have our
    own special language. In the early morning, they often call
    to you, to make sure you're still there and everything is OK
    (flock calls) I just call back, and go back to sleep!


    On 8/14/06, Zoe and Chris wrote:
    > About two weeks ago a little love bird flew to our window
    > sill and started calling. He? stayed for 40 minutes before
    > we decided to keep him (we have a thirteen year old cat
    > too). Since then we have gotten him a large cage and let
    > him out a few times a day in the bedroom to fly about and
    > hang out with us. He's social and comes down on the bed and
    > lands on us, but won't let us touch him. He? is a green/
    > violet and about 6 inches tall and we have no idea how old
    > he? is, named him Rudy. Super sweet, he gets on a stick
    > with the "up up" command but won't let us pet him and loves
    > to chew on absolutely everything, including us. He doesn't
    > break the skin or leave a mark, I don't think he's angry
    > when he does it- but he's always doing it. We are trying to
    > train him with a water spritzer. We have just covered his
    > cage for the first time at night so he won't wake us up in
    > the early early morning. Any advice about his biteyness,
    > how to get to the petting stage or other issues of being
    > adopted by a lovebird? Thanks, Zoe and Chris