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Posted by Andie on 9/12/06
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    I can tell you for a fact that females masturbate too. My female
    lovebird has a mate, but still chooses to masturbate on a toy, in
    addition to mating with him. Standing with wings spread and tail
    up is female behavior, but both sexes can get possessive of the
    nest box. However the female is the one that stays in it most of
    the time, at least until the eggs hatch.

    The point is that you can go on and on with generalizations, but
    the only way to tell for 100% sure is to get your bird DNA sexed
    with a blood sample. Some males exhibit female behaviors and
    some females exhibit male behaviors. Even if she lays eggs
    you'll only know for sure that one is a girl unless they're
    fertile. If you want to try it females are GENERALLY the only
    ones that tuck nesting material. Give her plenty of material for
    a few weeks and see what happens. It might take her a while to
    get used to something new in her cage before she'll tuck with it.

    Good Luck,

    On 9/10/06, nick wrote:
    > thanx alot jane 4 telling me what i should do>............
    > but i still have some questions........every day i try 2
    > figuer out if my sweety is a male or a female,im still not sure
    > of what sex sweety is.i never saw sweety tuck any nesting
    > material in her back,but she does spread her wings and lift
    > her tail as if sweety wants 2 mate,but i was told this is the
    > females position to mate.she also is realy protective of the
    > nest box,and often stays in it throughout the day and sleeps
    > in it at night.sweety also masterbates on her toys as well but
    > i was also told that only males do this sertain behavior.
    > pleaz tell me what u think.