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Re: 2 LoveBirds one cage, one gets very Jealous

Posted by Andie on 9/08/06
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    The first thing you need to decide is if you want them to be
    tame or not. If you want them to be tame you need to get them
    separate cages. Lovebirds bond very hard to each other and are
    less likely to bond with you if you house them in the same
    cage. You said you had had them for a little over 3 months,
    but you didn't say how old they were. If you don't want them to
    be tame then, if they are young, they should work this out, but
    I would keep a very very close eye on them as it could turn bad
    quickly. If one is older than the other or both are older I
    would separate them. One is obviously more dominant than the
    other and will continue to cause problems until you have a
    bleeding bird. If you have any more questions please ask.


    > On 9/01/06, Hugs&Kisses wrote:
    >> I Have had my lovebirds for alittle over 3 months now.
    > Hugs
    >> and Kisses are their names. Hugs is bigger then Kisses.
    >> Everytime Kisses goes to play, eat, drink, ANYTHING, Hugs
    >> chases him away from doing what it is Kisses is doing at
    >> the time. Kisses is more laid back, very mellow, and not
    >> much of the bouncy type. Hugs is my ball of personality
    >> flys here and there is very talkitive. I just want to know
    >> if there is anything i can do to make Hugs LESS jelous? I
    >> feel so bad when Kisses is getting his feet bitten and
    >> chased from doing what he likes to do.