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Re: beeding lovebirds

Posted by nick on 9/17/06
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    On 9/13/06, Christy wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I was wondering how old lovebirds have to be to breed them?
    > I have other birds but dont know much about the lovebirds
    > and breeding. Thanks
    well many lovebird books will tell you that u can start 2
    breed your lovebirds at ages 9-10 months of age.......i bred
    my first pair of lovebirds at 10 months of age and the
    results were 2 eggs were infertil,1 died in the egg,and 1
    lasted a week before dieing due 2 a splay leg.......i didnt
    understand i kept them realy healthy but they all had died.i
    tried again breeding them at a year old and all babys turned
    out fine and went 2 happy that i sugjest u
    start 2 breed your lovebirds at about 12-14 months of age so
    that your chicks turn out healthy(ALIVE),and
    the time they turn 4-5 years old they should be retired from