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Re: Lovebird Mules

Posted by Evelyn on 4/23/07
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    Hi Kelly, I haven't been on this chatboard for a while and
    just read your post.

    I've read a lot about breeding lovebirds and I believe the
    reason your hybrids are referred to as "mules" is because
    the Peachfaced and the Fischers (eye ring species)are
    different species who also make their nests differently.
    The Peachfaced hen carries the nesting materiel to the nest
    by stuffing the materiel in her rump feathers. Eye ring
    species carry the nesting material into the nest with their

    It is believed that they can't reproduce because a confusion
    as to how to build the nest... I'm sure some of them get it
    right, but that's what I've read. Just wanted to pass this

    On 9/25/06, Kelly wrote:
    > Hello, My name is Kelly, and I have a few questions that no
    > one seems to be able to answer. Maybe you can help.
    > We have 6 love birds, (Now 10). Our Lutino mated with
    > our fischer, and we now have 4 babies. I read that they
    > will be mules, and this sort of breeding is highly frowned
    > upon. So here comes the questions...
    > What are the reasons why mules are frowned upon? What
    > Charistics do do
    > they portray? Is there a risk of getting deformities or
    > retardation?
    > What should I expect? How should we handle our mis matches?
    > Is it
    > possible to switch the couples up? I read they are mates
    > for life. How long
    > after hatching do their eyes open? Thank you in advance
    > you'r
    > help. :)