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Re: Love Birds feather picking

Posted by Jo-Ann on 10/03/06
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    On 10/02/06, Tracey wrote:
    > Have 2 love birds in one cage. No problem until a week
    > My hubby noticed the male has picked the feathers out
    > all around the females eyes.
    > Now it is getting worse. What do i do???
    > I gave had them for about 3 months.
    > They only see me on crutches now,since a
    > car accident sept. 8th.
    > I'm afraid he will kill her. I'm having problems
    > sleeping because of it.
    > Plese tell me what to do.
    > Tracey

    I think seperating them would be a first step, but keep the
    cages next to each other if they are bonded. I am sure
    others more experienced will have more suggestions.

    Are you a second home or are you their first home? How old
    are they? Are they a bonded pair? These are some of the
    questions that may help others help you.

    Good luck