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Re: Breeding Two Colors

Posted by Andie on 10/13/06
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    All the lovebirds you mentioned are the same species of
    lovebirds, they are only different color variations of the
    same species. So none of the babies will be "mutts," they
    will only be variations of the same species. That being
    said, you didn't list which color the mother or father was,
    just the colors themselves. I linked a genetic calculator
    below and you can enter the mother and father's colors and
    splits (if you know them) and it will tell you what you will
    get. Good Luck.


    On 10/05/06, Lovie Lover wrote:
    > What color would I get if I put a green-violet from a whole
    > peach-face clutch with a creamino from a obvious MIXED
    > lutino,creamino and peachface clutch (I believe mom was PF
    > and dad was a creamino from lutino parents).
    > Will I get PF, creamino and possibly lutino?
    > Or will they be mutts and weird colors??
    > I don't get genetics.
    > THANKS and let me know if it is a good idea or not.

    Genetic Calculator