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Re: Male behavior

Posted by Dottie on 10/21/06
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    On 10/20/06, Andie wrote:
    > Males can certainly display this behavior, but the majority
    > of the time it is a learned behavior from another lovebird,
    > not something they do naturally. I'm sure there are males
    > that do it naturally, but they are few and far between. My
    > first question, though, would be who did you have DNA him?
    > There are some very unreputable companies out there.
    > Andie
    > On 10/17/06, Dottie wrote:
    >> I have a question concerning a male who is starting to
    >> chew and tuck. Is this behavior also seen in males? I
    >> thought it was primarily a female behavior. Yes, my lovie
    >> has been DNA'd and came back male. He is approximately 10
    >> mos old. Thanks for your responses in advance.
    I know what you mean about unreputable companies--however, I
    have complete confidence in Avian Biotech. I live in
    Tallahassee and have personal experience with them.