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Re: Male behavior

Posted by Dottie on 11/07/06
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    On 10/30/06, Andie wrote:
    > Avian Biotech is certainly reputable and I would trust the DNA
    > you got from them. So, you didn't say how old the male was or
    > he was house by himself or with any other birds. So if he was
    > himself I would say he is one of the more "feminine" male
    > lovebirds =). If he's with other birds I would say it is
    > something he learned from one of the others.
    > Andie

    I have four birds all about one year and I got them all within a
    couple of months of each other. The other birds ( 2 male; one
    unsexed) do not display this type of behavior at all.I do house
    them with the other 3 lovebirds during the day and one other at