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Re: Peach Face Lovebird Regurgitating

Posted by Andie on 10/30/06
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    Your lovebird is "feeding" it's "mate." It has bonded to
    this bell and is trying to show it it will be a good parent.
    If the bird is doing this excessivly I would remove the
    bell. If the bird does this too much for too long it can rob
    him from his own nutrients. It's always a good idea to
    rotate toys so they don't get attached to any one toy, and so
    they don't get bored. Good luck.


    On 10/27/06, Victoria Gamache wrote:
    > My bird is regurgitating on it's bell. Covering the entire
    > bell with food. If I wash it off, it covers it again. This
    > started when I bought it a new much larger cage. Is it
    > happier? Upset? It has loved always playing with his bells.
    > This is the larger bell out of six. The pet store thought
    > that it was showing affection to the bell. Not sure what to
    > do, if anything.