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Re: Peach Face Lovebird Regurgitating

Posted by Andie on 11/02/06
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    It is never a good idea to put one bird into another one's cage.
    They will be territorial no matter what the sex. Is your bird
    tame? If he is then it won't be a good idea to introduce them at
    all. Your bird will bond to the other and not be tame anymore,
    and the other bird will be very hard to try and tame. If he's
    not tame you can introduce a new set of problems with introducing
    another bird such as breeding behavior. There are a couple of
    options. If you want to keep them both then they can be housed
    next to each other in separate cages. That way they each have
    their own space but the company of each other. If you really
    want them to be in the same cage then let them sit next to each
    other for a couple of weeks, then rearrange the largest cage
    (they need very large cages, especially introducing 2) and put
    all new toys and perches in it, then put both birds in at the
    same time. Make sure there is at least 1 feed and water station
    for each bird, preferably an extra of each. Make sure you watch
    closely for aggression as it can happen quickly. If you have any
    other questions just ask. Good luck!


    On 10/30/06, victoria wrote:
    > Thank you! I had already removed the bell on Sunday. I washed
    > it off again and the bird was so upset and immediately started
    > regurgitating on it again. Common sense told me that it could
    > not be healthy for my bird. He wasn't too happy that the bell
    > dissappeared. (he has plenty of other toys) I thought it odd
    > that he didn't become bonded to this bell until the day I put
    > him into the bigger cage. Yesterday I bought a "companion" on a
    > trial bases... I'm keeping them in separate cages until I see
    > whether my bird will be territorial to the other. If mine is a
    > male, I'm told it will not allow another male into his domain
    > gracefully, so I am going to wait a day or two before trying to
    > put them together in the same cage. Do you agree? I am open to
    > any and all advise! THANKS
    > On 10/30/06, Andie wrote:
    >> Your lovebird is "feeding" it's "mate." It has bonded to
    >> this bell and is trying to show it it will be a good parent.
    >> If the bird is doing this excessivly I would remove the
    >> bell. If the bird does this too much for too long it can rob
    >> him from his own nutrients. It's always a good idea to
    >> rotate toys so they don't get attached to any one toy, and so
    >> they don't get bored. Good luck.
    >> Andie
    >> On 10/27/06, Victoria Gamache wrote:
    >>> My bird is regurgitating on it's bell. Covering the entire
    >>> bell with food. If I wash it off, it covers it again. This
    >>> started when I bought it a new much larger cage. Is it
    >>> happier? Upset? It has loved always playing with his bells.
    >>> This is the larger bell out of six. The pet store thought
    >>> that it was showing affection to the bell. Not sure what to
    >>> do, if anything.