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Re: Very Loud Lovebirds - Help!!

Posted by Anna Smith on 1/01/07
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    I also baught hide aways and made some so if they want to hide
    they can get away from one another. I found this helped some for
    my birds. And one thing Sir Peach would do is screem for me so I
    would take him out. I made sure to set a schedule so he knew in
    time he only got that time. If he got special treats they also
    were scheduled. I found when spoiled him he screemed more often
    than if kept to our schedule. Also scheduled play time. If I
    missed it- He always lets me know. Covering at the proper time
    always helped too. If it was raining and dark out, then too.
    Most birds I noticed can feel the weather change even if they
    are unable to see or feel it. Best to you and your babies in

    quiet? Hmmm. Never long term.