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Re: Very Loud Lovebirds - Help!!

Posted by Kel on 10/29/06
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    On 10/29/06, Diana wrote:
    > We have 2 grown lovebirds who have been with us for a
    > year. They are EXTREMELY loud all day. They chirp and
    > bicker and scream nonstop. My husband and I play with them
    > everyday, let them wander around the apartment, give them
    > treats and toys, nothing seems to stop them from
    > continually screaming. Our neighbors are getting irritated
    > by this, as you can hear them through the windows outside.
    > It's awful to even be in our apartment during the day as
    > they just chirp on and on until it drives you to the point
    > of insanity. How can we get them to quiet down during the
    > time they are in the cage? Thanks for any advice!

    Hi Diana,
    Unfortunatley Lovebirds are loud birds, doesn't really
    matter what you do for them especially if they are in their
    cage. If they are more quiet while out of their cage then I
    would say let them stay out all day while you are home then
    put them back when they go to bed. The only way I seem to
    keep mine quiet at night is by using a cover over their cage
    at bedtime. Mine are soooo loud while in their cage because
    they don't want to be in there! So they will scream until I
    let them out. Which my home is birdproof so its ok if they
    are out. Sometimes I have to put them in a timeout and move
    them into a a separate room then they quiet up. Hopefully
    others here will have more advise for you, I just wanted you
    to know that lovebirds are not quiet birds. They are amusing
    and funny, the funniest birds I've ever owned so this makes
    up for their loudness!