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Re: Very Loud Lovebirds - Help!!

Posted by Kelly on 12/27/06
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    I have two lovebirds also, and they are really loud too. I
    just had one to begin with and he was much quieter on his
    own...Sometimes I will turn on some quiet classical music and
    they like that and it seems to quiet them down. I have heard
    that they immitate just like any other parrot, and if you let
    them listen to quiet sounds they start to immitate it. I
    notice that they are also a lot louder when they can see
    someone, so we have ours in the basement so they don't see us
    and yell even louder....although I dread the day I move into
    an apartment with my fiance. They are also a lot quieter when
    I get them out on a regular basis. Another good I idea is to
    give them interesting bird-safe objects to play with on a
    regular basis...this seems to keep them entertained or I will
    rearrange their cage. If all else fails I will cover their
    cage up and they hardly make noise when I do this.