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Re: Very Loud Lovebirds - Help!!

Posted by Paul Fischer on 4/16/08
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    On 10/29/06, Diana wrote:
    > We have 2 grown lovebirds who have been with us for a
    > year. They are EXTREMELY loud all day. They chirp and
    > bicker and scream nonstop. My husband and I play with them
    > everyday, let them wander around the apartment, give them
    > treats and toys, nothing seems to stop them from
    > continually screaming. Our neighbors are getting irritated
    > by this, as you can hear them through the windows outside.
    > It's awful to even be in our apartment during the day as
    > they just chirp on and on until it drives you to the point
    > of insanity. How can we get them to quiet down during the
    > time they are in the cage? Thanks for any advice!

    I have a Black masked Lovebird,here's my theory: theory, not
    fact. Most people buy these little creatures because they are
    drawn in by their colors, thinking they can mimic like other
    arrots, they don't talk, OK a rare amount might mimic but by
    in large they don't, so people get dismayed by these
    creatures and lose out in what they do. So as I read about
    their behaviors in the wild, I find out that they are complex
    social creatures that use preaning each other as an sign of
    social interaction, they enjoy water alot, if they had
    webbing beween their claws, we could call them Lovebird
    retreivers. This is what I do, everyday I take mine out of
    the cage when I'm watching SportCenter and scratch between
    his eyes and beek and ears, this one seems to love it, I fly
    it around the living room, run the bird under the faucet with
    scalding hot water, just joking,I mean lukewarm water and
    towel dry it. They are acrobatic feathercreaturs, and are
    interesting to interact with. Does that halt all noise? No,
    because they naturally are that way, but it does keep it down.